There are many ways you can help, and we are very happy to receive any kind of support for the orgainzation and the schnauzers.

Here are some clues:

Promotion of our breed rescue!

If you own a website, please put our link or banner on it, so more people can find us.

If someone you know is looking for a dog to adopt, tell him/her about us!

Financial support
Even the smallest donation can be life saving, maybe only that little money is missing from the costs of a surgery or cure. Money donated will be used in the most urgent cases. If you can give up buying another pack of cigarette and give us the cost of it to help the schnauzers, please do! Even the price of an ice cream or a cup of coffee can be of help.

Our account number is:
SOS Schnauzer Fajtamentő Egyesület

Material donations are welcome too!
What we need all the time is:
- canned and dry dog food, treat biscuits
- anti-parasite collars or spot-on
- collars, leashes, harnesses, toys, pillows, blankets, bowls
We are glad to receive donations that we can put on our website for bidding, and the money received from them will be used in the treatment of the schnauzers. You can contact us by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and make your offer via e-mail.

Join our team
Please read our organization’s Charter first. If you accept it, just sign and mail it to us. Membership fee is 500 HUF per month (approx. 2 USD). The fee is used for the running of the organization and our activities. The more members we have, the more we can do for schnauzers in need.

Provide temporary home for dogs
We have no permanent yard with kennels, so we count on our friends to temporarily adopt. Without them there is nowhere to place the dogs we rescue. What kind of helpers we like? The ones who treat dogs as family members, thus help them to recover and teach them to live in a home, so they can learn to trust and love humans again.

Many of our volunteer workers have no cars, so organizing transport for the dogs can be hard. Please let us know if you can help in transportation. And where to drive them? Grooming appointments, treatment at the vets’ office, temporary homes or to the new owners…

Virtual adoption
Maybe you can not own a dog for some reasons, but virtually adopting one of them is a great way to help! As little money as 200 HUF (less than 1 USD) per day allows you to “adopt” the dog you choose. You can read more about this under Virtual adoption.

Collection boxes
If you run your own shop, or you work at a place where many people visit – and your boss gives permission – please put one of our collection boxes on the counter!

More ways to help us:
Make advertisements, billboard placements, sharing our advertisements on the internet, help in translations (German or English), help to find schnauzers in need, help to hand out our leaflets at events, etc…

If you think you can help in any way, please contact us! There are many opportunities, even ones we have not thought of…

If you have any ideas that can help schnauzer rescue, write us!