MYRAOur protégées are placed with temporary caretakers or families, this way we can get to know them better, we are able to assess their attitude towards kids and animals and monitor how they behave in different situations.

We also try to assess the potential owners, the place they want to take the dog and the life they are living. We consider it relevant not to choose a dog only because of its looks. The future owner should be aware of the dog’s character, its weaknesses, strengths and needs. No one can decide about life based on a picture.

If you think you have found a dog you would like to take home, please contact us via e-mail. Write us your name, address, phone number, tell us about yourself. Where and how you live (e.g. do you live in a multi-storey apartment building or you have a detached house with a large yard; you work at home or not; the dog will be alone during the day or someone will be there with it; etc.), have you ever owned a dog before or you have a dog at the moment (if yes, it is important to write about the character of your dog!), why have you chosen that particular dog to adopt, and anything else you believe is of importance. These we need to know about you, because there might be more than one possible candidate and for us the most important thing is to choose the best fitting future owner for the dog – this person we will contact first.

It is inevitable to arrange a meeting for the dog and the human. They have to meet each other with us in attendance, so we will be able to watch the dog’s behavior at the human’s presence, we can talk with you about the dog, answer any of your questions. If you have a dog, you must bring it to the meeting, so we can see how they react in the presence of the other one. The meeting will be arranged at a ‘neutral’ place. It is also important for you to know that the dog is not a gift! A considered family decision should precede adoption. We advise that every member of the dog’s future family be present at the first meeting.

We insist on visiting the future home of the dog, by taking the dog to the family ourselves. This way we can check that the yard is fenced properly, that the dog’s needs are met, and the family is ready to receive the dog. If we find everything in order, we will sign an adoption agreement. The agreement contains the general norms of dog keeping. You can read it HERE.

There is a two-week probation period. Of course it does not mean that anybody can ‘rent’ a dog for two weeks and then give back like a rented car. We do our best to study the circumstances and compatibility of the dog and the owner, but despite our best efforts, it may turn out that the dog can not fit in the family. First we try to give advice. You should be aware that some of our protégées have suffered from abuse and they can have certain issues. The change of their circumstances can depress them, moving from one family to another is not easy. This is why adoption should be considered seriously, so the dog will not suffer again from being abandoned. Naturally, if the problem cannot be solved, we take the dog back.

We stay in contact with the owners after the adoption and we are very happy to receive pictures and stories about the dog in the new family. If a problem comes up (even after years) we will be there to help. If the situation is that bad, we take back the dog, but please understand that it takes time. After the two-week probation, the adoption is finalized and a new dog will be placed (rescued) in the empty spot, so we might not be able to place the dog in a moment’s notice.

Our aim is not to get rid of a dog as soon as possible, but to find the REAL match for it, and to find the right dog for the right owner. Dogs we mediate can be found at other organizations care or are living with the original owner, and in the case of these dogs we only help in advertising.

Dogs in our care have received the proper vaccinations, de-wormed, with microchip, and - depending on their age - spayed.

Naturally our dogs can be adopted for free. We kindly ask adopting people to support our organization because without their support we can not pay for the costs of dog rescue, which in the case of only one healthy dog is around 30-40.000 HUF (150-200 USD, depending on the exchange rate), and in the case of a sick animal it takes a lot more to pay for medical care. In many cases our team members pay for transportation, food, medication of dogs. Our only income is donations of kind people, and it limits our powers in rescuing needy schnauzers.