Please help in the realisation of the Schnauzer farm

Unfortunately the number of the dogs being in trouble keeps on increasing, while the number of our recipients absolutely not.
Besides the dogs being under our care, at least 6-8 dogs are waiting for help, among which some live in the streets, some are sentenced to be put to sleep on the dogcatcher’s farm, some others are in do...g almshouses, arriving from owners, small, medium-sized and big ones... But we are unable to help them, because THERE IS NO PLACE WHERE TO PUT THEM! However we wish to take care of more dogs, we are just unable to receive more because we don’t know where to place them, how to separate them…)

We have been recently thinking a lot about what to do in order to improve such situation. Unfortunately we are not able to reach changes from one day to another, but we have to start somewhere, maybe with a long-term project.
The realisation of our own farm would be the best, the most practical and reasonable solution. A place which would be dedicated only to the schnauzers, which could accommodate at least 10-15 dogs at the same time, where a separate place could be created for the quarantine dogs, treating separately small and big ones, if necessary and where YOU could come to look around, help us and the dogs in walking, feeding and playing, where you could get acquainted with them in order to encourage you to receive some of them temporarily or make friends with them before adoption, etc.
Such place would be the SCHNAUZER-FARM.
For such purpose a smaller farm in Pest county would be the most ideal, which is not too far away, can be easily accessed by anyone, where the dogs do not disturb the neighbours, where water, electricity are available, as well as a building fit for use, and an open area where the dogs are free to run. Do not thing about luxury things, this would be only a base, where there would be continuously a lot of work during the years in order to implement, create, renew, maintain and operate everything. But we have to start by laying the foundation in order to build upon it later.

The truth is that buying such a farm is not cheap, we consider some 2-3 million HUF. Such amount is enormous in the animal protection (as well), it will not be easy to gather it, but sooner or later we will succeed. We have no other choice! Maybe it will take long-long months, but we keep on gathering until we reach it. It may only succeed by help, by common cooperation! We well know that life is not easy in our country, our supporters also live on their wage or pension, like us. None of us can afford to offer a large amount of money, but lots of small amounts will also make it up. We will contact our German and French partners as well, in order to ask the help, assistance and contribution of the schnauzer-owners living in their countries. We intend to obtain assistance to our project by means of tenders as well, in case there will be some suitable to our goals, but our own financial means shall be required there too. Thus we cannot do anything else, just starting to gather the money. We trust that not only our permanent supporters, but also other schnauzer owners will want to contribute to the realisation of a good purpose, even if with only 1000 HUF. Hopefully there will be some enterprise or company which could also help us.
We kindly ask all those who are able to support this project now and in the future to help. Whatever amount from the smallest to the biggest is help for us, even the price of a chocolate bar or a packet of cigarettes, if you can give them up in favour of the schnauzers. The amounts granted to the purpose of the farm shall be separately monitored by means of the small counter which shall be set on our website.
Please take part in the distribution and propagation of our leaflets asking for help both in Hungary and among your relatives and friends living abroad in order to make it reach as many people as possible.
We are grateful to everybody who have the schnauzers’ welfare at heart!

Your aid may be sent to the following account:

SOS Schnauzer Fajtamentő Egyesület Raiffeisen Bank 12010879-01368645-00100004
International bank account (IBAN):
HU61 1201 0879 0136 8645 0010 0004 S.W.I.F.T: UBRTHUHB
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or you can also support our project through the PayPal, access is available by means of our website or facebook page.